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Very nice Large Aluminum Knife available to rent.

Medium sized Aluminum Knife for your performance.

Here is the Small Aluminum Knife.

Very cool Aluminum Bowie Knife available to rent.

Awesome looking Aluminum Cleaver!

Here is an authentic looking Karambit.

Aluminum Knife (Large)

Length: 14″ (Blade 8.5″)

Aluminum Knife (Medium)

Length: 9.75″ (Blade 5″)

Aluminum Knife (Small)

Length: 8″ (Blade 4″)

Aluminum Bowie Knife  

Length: 12″ (Blade 7.75″)

Aluminum Cleaver

Length: 17.5″ (Blade 10″)

Aluminum Karambit

Length: 6.5″ (Blade 3″)

Price: $10.00 per week

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