• Maintenance and Care

    Stage weapons are strong, but are by no means indestructible. They can bend, chip or break if abused or not properly cared for. A little daily maintenance and care will keep the weapons safe, looking good and will prevent a last minute dash to undo weeks of use before they are returned.

    Below are our recommendations for how to care for the weapons during your rental period. In general, it comes down to take care of the weapons as you would take care of your partner.

  • Steel Weapons:

    Steel’s worst enemy is moisture/oxygen, which causes rust that can weaken the metal, making it more likely to break. Handling a steel weapon with bare hands can produce rusty fingerprints within a few hours, if not treated properly. In order to protect the steel, wipe down all parts of the weapon with an oiled rag (using Marvel Mystery Oil). This should be done at the end of every rehearsal, performance or any time the weapon is handled. Avoid using spray-on oils such as WD-40 – these types of oils dry faster and do not provide the protection of other oils.

    Regular maintenance will help ensure that the weapons remain at their best and that you rarely have to scour away rust.

  • Other Concerns

    Note that the pommel should only be on “hand tight” and should never be tightened with a wrench, vise, pliers or any other tool.

    Never disassemble a weapon without the authorization of the FFC.

  • Last Thoughts

    The weapons that you are renting are intended to be used in conjunction with a trained Fight Choreographer that knows the limitations of their use. These weapons should never be used to harm or destroy people or property. Treat the weapons and people you are working with with respect. You break it you replace it.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you in advance for treating our weapons with respect and care!
It’s a contest of generosity!