• Availability

    We have a diverse selection of weapons but not an unlimited one. Our weapons can be booked out months in advance. If you see something that you might need for an upcoming production don’t hesitate to contact us.

    If you are looking for something very specific we might be able to have weapons custom made for your show, given enough lead time.

    The best thing to do is contact us months before you begin rehearsal. If you wait till the last minute we cannot guarantee that we will have what you are looking for and you will have to pay to get your order shipped rushed delivery (see shipping below to get an idea of how much that can affect your budget). That being said, we realize that last minute changes happen so we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

  • Rental Agreement

    We require a signed rental agreement/contract as well as payment before we ship your order. Paperwork will be sent to you via email and may be returned via regular mail or scanned and emailed back to us. We will do our best to expedite this process for you but cannot make any guarantees with delivery.

  • Method of Payment

    We accept payment by check or credit card. Credit card payment through Paypal is fastest and our preferred method. All transactions through Paypal will receive a service fee of $5.

    Payment must be received before we ship your order.

  • Pricing

    Prices are $10 per weapon per week. Each weapon has a four week minimum. Pricing does not include shipping.

    For theatres on a tight budget contact us for our “Bare Bones” options. If you are renting a large quantity please ask about our “More the Merrier” rate.

    Rental packages are also available upon request.

  • Late Returns

    Weapons (and all other items) are due back within one week of the contract end date. After this period a 10% of the total rental fee will accrue as a late charge on a weekly (or portion thereof) basis. This will be reflected in an additional invoice, once the items have been returned.

  • Shipping

    We use UPS exclusively and charge only what it costs us to get the weapons to you. Shipping times range from 1 business day to 5 business days. Contact us for an estimate on shipping costs and delivery time.

Thank you in advance for treating our weapons with respect and care!

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