What is the Fake Fighting Company?2017-11-27T23:40:10+00:00

The Fake Fighting Company (FFC) was created by Aaron Preusse to provide quality training and fight direction for the Twin Cities Theatre and Film industry. The FFC is dedicated to making you better, smarter and safer through the art of stage combat. Our goal is to have our students and actors perform each technique safely and believably, while gaining respect for themselves, the art form and their fellow partners.

Why Should I Train with You?2017-12-07T02:14:11+00:00

Having over 17 years of experience in the industry has taught us many key lessons, one of which is: Don’t waste time or money. Our classes won’t waste either. We’ve got the expertise to give you what you need without breaking your bank.

Whether you are new to the industry, a seasoned professional or just looking to try something new we can provide for all levels or experience. You can train in a variety of stage combat techniques from Unarmed to Swords to Motion Capture. If there is a class that you are interested in and you don’t see it offered, let us know, we might just be setting it up in the coming months.

We also provide Stage Combat Skills Proficiency courses through the Society of American Fight Directors where you can become certified in eight different weapons. This certification not only helps with your cast-ability but will give you the confidence to perform staged violence safely and convincingly.


Do I need any previous experience?2017-12-07T02:21:09+00:00

No. Unless a class specifically asks for “previous experience required” you may take part whatever your skill level is. Our classes are designed for all skill levels to work and learn from each other.

How do I pay for a class?2017-11-27T23:41:05+00:00

There are a number of options when it comes to paying. The most convenient is to go through Paypal. For all Paypal transactions there will be a service fee of $5. Another option is to pay in person using check or cash. Each class requires a non-refundable $25 fee, $20 of which will be applied to your class fee in order to secure your spot.

Is there an age requirement?2017-11-27T23:41:33+00:00

Yes. Unless otherwise specified all classes are for ages 16 on up. We do occasionally have class for 16 and younger. Please check out our Current class list or contact us for more details.

Are payment plans available?2017-12-07T02:18:46+00:00

Yes. We try to make each class available to everyone no matter what their financial situation is. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests. Please contact us to see what might be possible.

Do I have to come to every class?2017-11-27T23:42:56+00:00

No. Most of our classes are designed to allow you to drop in for either a half hour or the full time. The Skills Proficiency Course has a minimum requirement of 30 hours in order to test but if you are not looking to test you are free to attend as many or as few as you would like. Of course, you get more for your money if you are able to stay for the full time.

How long are the classes?2017-11-27T23:43:07+00:00

In general, our classes range from 90 minutes to 3.5 hours. Some are a single class and others are a multi-week format.

What is a Skills Proficiency Test (SPT)?2018-01-10T20:12:27+00:00

“A Skills Proficiency Test is the culmination of extended training with a SAFD Certified Teacher. After at least 30 hours of training with a CT in a particular weapon, students may perform a staged fight in that discipline before an SAFD Fight Master. If the students’ work meets the SAFD’s criteria for safety and dramatic effectiveness, the students may be recognized with either Basic or Recommended Proficiency. This certification is valid for three years at which point you would need to complete a Skills Proficiency Renewal in order to remain current.”

The Society of American Fight Directors

What is a Skills Proficiency Renewal (SPR)?2018-01-10T20:13:14+00:00

“A Skills Proficiency Renewal is the reexamination of a member’s skills in a given weapon style(s) previously
adjudicated by a Fight Master with the SAFD in an SPT and judged to meet the SAFD’s criteria for safety and dramatic
effectiveness. The training process and adjudicated performance are condensed versions of the full SPT process.”

The Society of American Fight Directors

Do you have any classes for kids or teens?2017-11-27T23:46:50+00:00

Yes. Please look at our Current Classes or contact us to set up a specific class.

Why Should I Hire a Fight Director/Choreographer?2017-12-07T02:15:20+00:00

Whatever amount of violence you need, using a professional fight choreographer ensures that your actors will remain safe while the characters are fighting for their “lives”. This approach allows the actor to fully commit to the action and make your production look awesome. Your audience also doesn’t want to have a sword fall into their lap, or worse.

You owe it to your audience, actors and crew to provide a safe environment-plus hiring a choreographer is less expensive than a lawyer.


What weapons do you teach?2018-01-10T20:16:56+00:00

We teach a variety of weapon styles but predominately our teaching is rooted in the basic eight weapon styles of the Society of American Fight Directors. The weapon styles are Unarmed, Rapier and Dagger, Knife, Sword and Shield, Smallsword, Single Sword, Broadsword and Quarterstaff.

How do I rent weapons?2017-11-27T23:48:23+00:00

Browse through our inventory and click on the weapons you would like to rent, complete and submit the form on that page. We will respond to you within 48 hours to let you know if your weapon choices are available. From there we will set up a contract and payment options.

Can I talk about Fake Fight Club?2017-12-07T02:22:47+00:00

No. More on that later…

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